Cow Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Piece Shaped Puzzle

Ref: 6002 Age Range: 10 Years +


Cow jigsaw puzzle for kids and adults

I AM Cow 300 piece special die-cut shaped puzzle

Puzzle size 46 x 50 cm

Box dims 18 x 22 x 5.7 cm Travel size

Contains a colourful insert with fun facts and puzzle image reference

Age 10 +

Cow Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Piece Shaped Puzzle - Cow Jigsaw Puzzle 300 piece shaped puzzle. A unique animal-shaped jigsaw puzzles for ages 10+. Poster size when completed. from WOW Toys


Udderly adorable. Madd Capp Puzzles will challenge and inspire you, your family and friends. Inside you will find fun facts and image reference guide. The 300 piece I AM COW puzzle measures 46 x 50 cm when assembled. Great fun for the entire family or a night of quiet solitude.



  • Mindfulness and stress relief
  • Time away from screens
  • Short-term memory improvement
  • Better dexterity
  • Cognitive ability
  • Inspire socialisation

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