Reward Chart - Fairies

Ref: 10426 Age Range: 1 - 5 Years


This easy to use chart keeps children motivated and rewards good behaviour with three exciting WOW Toy treats to collect as tasks are achieved. Perfect for setting tasks such as brushing your teeth, tidying your toys, eating your greens or even potty training. 

Set includes chart, 3 toys and magnetic progress tracker.

Dimensions: L: 298mm H: 207mm D: 53mm

Reward Chart - Fairies - Buy this Fairies themed Reward Chart with magnetic star tracker - a reward chart for youngsters that's full of encouragement and 3 fabulous fairy themed toys.     from WOW Toys


  • 4-piece set including 1 ladybird chariot, 1 Play Friend figure, 1 unicorn Animal Friend and 1 magnetic star tracker
  • Free standing or hanging magnetised reward chart with ten goal stars
  • Personalise your calendar with your little one's name and photograph
  • Push along ride-on ladybird chariot
  • Removable fairy figure and  unicorn friend


  •  Suitable for children aged 1 - 5 years
  •  Encourages development of motor skills
  •  Inspires imaginative and creative role-play
  •  No PVC, no toxic paint, BPA free, no small parts
  •  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe figures
  •  All WOW Toys are battery-free with fun interactive features

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