Misty ‘n’ Molly

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Hi guys, I’m Molly and Misty here is my best friend! She’s such a lovely, caring pony who always knows how to cheer me up! We hang out in our stable every day and always go for a gentle trot before dinner.

Twist the cockerel to turn the clicking trough and feed Misty her favourite meal. Open the stable doors and let me jump on for a fun ride around outside the stable.

My set includes our stable with a rotating feeder, Misty the pony and me.


1x Stable with rotating pony feeder
1x Girl horse rider figure called Molly
1x Pony animal figure called Misty


Functions & features:

Twist cockerel to turn clicking feeding trough
Flip open top door
Flip open bottom door


Developmental benefits:

From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration



a = 205 b = 98 c = 123 (mm)

a = 8.07 b = 3.86 c = 4.84 (inches)