Ernie Fire Engine

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Ernie’s the name and putting out fires is the game! We’re all very organised here in WOW Town, but when there is an accident I’m always first on the scene to put out the fire and save the public. In my spare time I like to chill out with my good friends Robin, Casey and Sidney; we hang out together playing in town, but we all know that when there’s an emergency play time’s over and it’s all hands on deck!

I use my powerful motor to get to the scene quickly and my click and turn ladder helps my fire fighter driver, Jack, fight any blaze. Jack’s hand opens the back door to reveal the emergency barrier so everyone knows Ernie is ready to save the day!


1x Friction-powered fire truck called Ernie
1x Fire-fighter figure called Jack and 1x Safety barrier


Functions & features:

Motorised motor
Realistic engine sounds
Clicking ladder
WOW push-button
Opening tailgate
Opening cab
Removable pieces


Developmental Benefits:

From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration



a = 320 b = 115 c = 185 (mm)
a = 12.6 b = 4.52 c = 7.28 (inches)