Dynamite Daisy

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Hi everyone, I’m Dynamite Daisy and I just love to cruise around the race track with my specially designed flowery paint job. It even matches my driver, Charlotte’s, beautiful dress as not only do we always finish ahead of the pack, we do it in style!

My driver, Charlotte, is the youngest ever professional race car driver and she uses all of her energy to win race after race! I can always trust Charlotte to reach my top speeds in order to win more and more races.

My set includes me and my speedy driver figure, Charlotte.


1x Motorised sports car called Daisy
1x Driver figure called Charlotte


Functions & features:

Friction-powered motor
Realistic engine sounds
Moving wheels for easy push-along play
Mix and match trailer hook


Developmental benefits:

From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration



a = 205 b = 87 c = 123 (mm)
a = 8.07 b = 3.43 c = 4.84 (inches)